The Background of Getting Certified as GIAHS

  • 2014.2.13 – 2014.2.14

    Hold a study session

    Party menbers of Minabe・Tanabe area gathered together, and hold a study session

  • 2014.4 –

    Conducted a research about bio-diversity

    Conducted a research about bio-diversity in cooperatiion with Wakayama Prefectural Museum of Natural History

  • 2014.5.25

    Conducted an organization meeting

    Minabe・Tanabe area established a promotion group as one community for the purpose of applying GIAHS at the end of July.

  • 2014.5.25

    Run a workshop

    Studied about the system of GIAHS and 「attractive factors of Minabe・Tanabe area」 with menbers of the promotion group

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  • 2014.7.15

    Had a review meeting for an action plan

    In order to make an action plan, people gathered together and had a review meeting

  • 2014.7.18 – 2014.8.31

    Have organized an exhibition

    We have organized an exhibition in Wakayama Prefectural Museum of Natural History on the sbject of 「the creatures living at plum-grove in Minabe・Tanabe area」

  • 2014.7.23

    Conducted second general assembly meeting

    We got approved about the application of GIAHS at the second general assembly meeting

    Conducted a symposium

    「To get “Land of Ume” approved as GIAHS」
    place: Kishu Minabe Royal Hotel
    We conducted a symposium in order to revalidate attractive factors in the area.

  • 2014.7.28

    Applied to Ministry of Agriculture, Foresty and Fisheries of Japan

    We submitted the application of GIAHS approved by the second general assembly meeting.

  • 2014.8.27

    Conduct third general assembly meeting

    We were adopted about an action plan.

  • 2014.9.8

    The Primary Assessment

    We made a presentation at Primary Assessment organized in Ministry of Agriculture, Foresty, and Fisheries of Japan in

  • 2014.9.9 – 2014.9.10

    Field Investigation

    We are conducted field investigation by 2 professionals of Conference Committee of GIAHS in September 9th and 10th.

  • 2014.10.10

    Submitted an action plan

    We submitted our action plan about GIAHS project of Ume system in Minabe・Tanabe to Ministry of Agriculture, Foresty,

  • 2014.10.21

    The Secondary Assessment

    October 20th(Mon,), the third expert conference of GIAHS was held, and we were certified as an area where apply to FAO by Ministry of Agriculture, Foresty, and Fisheries of Japan.

  • 2014.12.16

    The fourth general assembly meeting

    We were adopted about our final Japanese application and English application at the fourth general assembly meeting

  • 2015.1.9

    Applied to FAO

    We submitted the certified application of GIAHS to FAO in January 9th(Fri.).

  • 2015.1.18

    Coducted the scond symposium

    With an eye toward Certification of GIAHS as「Ume System in Minabe・Tanabe」~World-Class 「Ume System」, Pass onto the Next Generation~
    Place: Garden Hotel Hanayo
    We convened a symposium aimed to tell the meaning and the value of GIAHS, to put forward「Ume System in Minabe・Tanabe」, and to present the thought of the our area.

  • 2015.5.21 – 2015.5.22

    About the Field Investigation by FAO

    Council applied to FAO for the Certification of GIAHS, then the menber of the FAO scientific committee put field investigation into operation.

  • 2015.12.15

    「Ume System in Minabe・Tanabe」 was certifiled as GIAHS

    「Ume System in Minabe・Tanabe」 that had worked for being certified as GIAHS and had submitted the application for GIAHS to FAO finally got the certification of GIAHS at the 「GIAHS Managing ・ Scientific Joint Committee」, was taken place at the front office of FAO (Rome, Italy) in December 15th, 2015.

    A ceremony that was for 「Ume System in Minabe・Tanabe」 got approved as GIAHS.

    A ceremony dedicated to the certification of GIAHS was taken place at the Minabe town hall. It was a great feast with the review of the path and a report by video conference from Italy.

About the approaches from now as GIAHS


2016.11.22 NEWS
Site opened.
2016.11.22 NEWS
Certified as GIAHS!