What is “world heritage” that is NOT world heritage!?

“Agriculture” has been not only a way that people get foods from. People have learned and improved own knowledge about feeding through agriculture. It also has protected an environment so many spiecies can exist together, and formed a culture, landscape, and traditional events that links with each place at the same time.

As technology developed under the influence of modern trends, globalization and changes of human lifestyle start bringing on various distortions of resourse uses and community values. Even though people are facing these problems in these days, there is a community that has successfully protected traditional way of farming, knowledge contents, diversity of life, and its landscape.

a Necessary System that Must be Passed Down the Generations!?

Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems(GIAHS) is a structure that Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations(FAO) set up.
The purpose of the GIAHS is maintaining traditional farming, culture, ways of land use, landscape, and life’s diversity in the environment that continue to change.


Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems

The Goal GIAHS Reaching for

The purpose of World Heritage that UNESCO set up is that conserve buildings and nature as it is called “immovables”with no change.
The goal of GIAHS that FAO set up is that inherit the “agricultural and community systems” to next generations with maintaining and adopting the system to the changes of environment.

There are 62sites in 22countries as GIAHS in the world.
11sites are designated as GIAHS in Japan.